Because there has been an ultimate shift in the way people consume media, -Dey-Try-Media AFRICA is helping Muisc brands to connect to their publics online in a very interactive approach to create a conversation and build traget loyal customers. Our major objective is to help develop and sustain resounding narratives across the new multimedia in a global touch. , (a subsidiary of U-Dey-Try-Media AFRICA, a fully integrated PR company) is an online marketing communications agency and social media specialist PR agency Which Main Focus is on Africa Music Industry as a whole . While our parent company, U-Dey-Try-Media AFRICA mostly rely on traditional media to deliver cutting edge and result oriented PR activities,U-Dey-Try-Media AFRICA delivers outstanding DIGITAL marketing communications and online PR campaigns with the opportunities afforded by the new digital channels and social media. Our professional approach to promoting your company include a thorough evaluation of your audience and marketing objectives, developing an effective theme and detailed plan of action, a search of our database to determine strategies that will best execute your plan and overseeing the success of your digital marketing from start to finish because creative solutions deliver promotional success .© 2015 is a Nigerian-based all round entertainment and lifestyle bringing YOU all the latest news,gossip,and information you NEED to know.

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